Saturday, October 23, 2010

Disneyland Bride!

Bride: Hope
Makeup: Cara @ Flawless Faces
Hair: Michelle @ Flawless Faces

This wedding was an early one! 3 a.m. start time to get the bride ready so she could take pic's infront of the Disneland castle with no crowds!
Hope's Fairies....(bridesmaids wore wings!)


~Click any picture to enlarge~
Message from the bride:

Hi Carina,
I'm sorry for taking so long to let you know how wonderful Cara and Michelle were with hair and makeup at my event in August. They were such troopers! I was so thankful that they were not only on time, but they were fully set-up by the time I met with them at 3:00AM. I know that that was the earliest they had ever worked and I really appreciate them being there and being so prepared for all of us.
I was so tired that morning and not really feeling the day ahead, but I really appreciate Cara and Michelle being in great spirits and keeping the morning lively with chit-chat and peppyness. Michelle did a great job on my hair and I loved how gentle she was with it. All of my fairies commented on how gentle she was. She was seriously so tender and if it wasn't for the fact that I needed to be out of there quickly, I could've easily fallen asleep in her chair. LOL

Cara did an AMAZING job on my makeup. I loved how careful she was with it and how awesome she made me look. My husband couldn't stop looking at me and he said his favorite feature were my eyes. She did an outstanding job on me and I'm so grateful that she was able to recreate what you did for me at our first trial. I think she might have even made me look prettier!

I also have to say that they made my little sister look amazing. I have never seen her done up before and she was gorgeous. Our mom would've been so proud. Our entire family was raving about how pretty she looked. I know I was supposed to be the bride and the center of attention, but I was seriously so proud of how she looked that I didn't mind sharing the spotlight with her. I'm glad that I found Flawless Faces and that you were able to accomodate us.

Thank you for making me look as Flawless as possible. I hope to have another special event in the future so I can work with you all again.


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