Thursday, July 29, 2010

Marie makes it to the altar @ the St. Regis, Dana Point!

This is another amazing story, Marie in her early 30's, finds the man of her dreams and is planning her wedding like any other bride when she finds a little hard bump under her jawline. After several tests the dr.'s tried to send her home, she insisted on them cutting it out. It came back as stage 1 Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma!!! She started Chemo right away, and luckily it was caught early enough that she was able to keep her wedding date and make it to the altar on schedule! Because of the chemo, she had no hair, and barely there eyelashes and brows, but she still had the guts to shoot a boudoir shoot for her fiance with She had a great wig, and Flawless Faces at her disposal. So glad we could be there for her special day!

Bride: Marie
Makeup & Hair: Carina

Marie on the left, and her twin sister Jeannie at the studio for makeup for rehearsal dinner
Makeup: CarinaWedding Day: Jeannie, Marie's sister
Makeup: Carina
Bride Marie
Makeup: Carina
Hair: Rachael @ Flawless Faces
They invited me to the wedding! :)


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