Monday, February 28, 2011

Photoshoot @ ENJOY hair products headquarters in Oceanside...

Client: Gretchen Rossi, OC Housewives
Location: ENJOY Hair products headquarters in Oceanside, CA
Makeup: Carina
Hair: Victor Paul
First Look: Browns/Golds...
The Glam Squad......
My little corner of chaos....

Wish I looked like this in a bikini!!!
Look #2: Purples & Pinks

See more pic's on ENJOY's website:

Another red carpet event for Gretchen Rossi...

As seen on:

Gretchen on the Red Carpet @ the QVC Style party on 2/25/11
Makeup: Carina

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Some Teaser pic's from today's shoot:)!

Message from Hair Accessory Designer, Tessa:

I just wanted to say THANK YOU again. You did an amazing job and they looked sooo beautiful! The hair, the makeup, everything. Just perfect! Thank you!~Tessa

Photography: Candice Benjamin
Makeup & Hair: Carina & Michelle
Dresses by: Tashina Hunter
Backdrop designed by Whitney
Location: The Wedding Pantry, Tustin
Hair Accessories: Tessa Kim

Tessa Kim Bridal Hair Accessories Product Photoshoot....

We did the Makeup & Hair at the Flawless Faces studio, then moved up to the Wedding Pantry for the photoshoot....

Makeup by: Carina
Hair by: Michelle @ Flawless Faces
Me and Tessa owner of: Tessa Kim Hair Accessories
Her beautiful vintage hair pieces are sold @ the studio!
Models: Tiffany Amber Henson & Hikari Murakami
Cute pink hair piece on Tiffany....
Whitney (event planner), Eva (owns the Wedding Pantry), Tessa, and me!
Hikari looking like a little doll....
Dresses by: Tashina Hunter
Photographer: Candice Benjamin photographing all the hair pieces
Whitney of "iheartrust" creating the cool backdrop for the shoot...

This is one of my favs!
Candice shot probably 100 pieces! Can't wait to see her pic's!
Tessa making sure everything's perfect...
Our turn to model Tessa's Birdcage veils! .....LOL

An early morning appt!

My old friend Erica and her daughter, Harper of Harper's Boutique in Corona Del Mar came in for some early morning Makeup & Hair for her new little brother, Ford's baptism...

Makeup & Hair by: Carina

All done! Pretty girls...

The Makeup Show in LA

Did my annual trip to the Makeup Show in LA.....Stopped by the MAKEUP FOREVER booth....check out the cool airbrush job they were creating!

It was crazy busy!
Client: Vanessa
Makeup: Cara @ Flawless Faces
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Client: Kim
Makeup: Molly @ Flawless Faces

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Friday, February 25, 2011

More makeup on Gretchen Rossi!

Makeup by: Carina

@ Diddy invades Hollywood Party...
For her website:
And for Extra @ The Grove in LA

Lots of Makeup in the studio this week!

All makeup by: Carina

Michelle came in for makeup to audition for a game show! Dara, one of our future brides.....
Corinn came in for Hair & Makeup to model for the Harper's ad in Coast Magazine for next month!

Future bride, Amy & past bride, Christine came in for a makeup refresher lesson
Refresher Lesson = $75/ea. Must have had a prior makeup lesson.
Krystle came in for a private makeup lesson..... forgot to take after pic!!!
Private Makeup lesson = $200
Bring a friend = $150/ea.
Gretchen came in for makeup for her OC Housewives interview...
Ashley came in for a Private makeup lesson
Here she is before....
and after! Pretty:)!
Dani came in for makeup for a boudoir photoshoot....

Future bride Cristin came in for makeup for a night out!
Cristin teaches private pilates lessons, you can check out her website @:
Here is her makeup inspiration picture:)!
~Click on any picture to enlarge!~