Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Posted by: Cassie, the leader of SMARTY OC:

Just posted this on the SMARTY Resource Group!

After seeing my greasy face with glitter in just one too many photos, I decided it was time for a real make up lesson with a real make up artist. I had been salivating over Carina Lindgren's Flawless Faces work. She is an OC SMARTY and a sought after artist for weddings. She has pictures on her blog and in her studio that are so pretty and I wanted to learn how to get that look.
My two hour lesson at her cute studio started with me dumping EVERY product I own onto her table. We went through each one and she told me what would work and what wouldn't. Then, we went through a pretty daytime look using techniques I have never thought of and colors and textures that were so different.
IT WAS AWESOME! She followed up with an email that included a step by step "how to" and a shopping list to take with me to the store.
Oh yeah...at the end...she takes pictures in different kinds of light and checks her work to make sure she has the colors right!!
So, yeah....I totally recommend Carina. It was worth it!


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