Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Special Photoshoot....

Photography: www.jimkennedyphotographers.com
Carol Von Sprecken's photoshoot
Makeup: Carina

This was no ordinary photoshoot. I have to share, it's been One 1/2 years since this shoot, but it was such an amazing day to be part of. Carol was in her early 30's with a small son and was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was very gracious in letting me ask her a million questions about her cancer and how she found out, and how she has been dealing with it while I was doing her makeup. She let me know that she had a lump in her breast, and the dr's told her it was just a clogged milk duct because she had a newborn baby. It never went away, and when she finally had the dr.'s check it, it was full blown cancer. This shoot was to take pictures with her family and spend her last days at the beach and enjoy the most important things in life: friends & family. I cried the whole way home from Dana Point after doing this job knowing that I would never see her again, and how much she had touched me. I received an email 3 weeks later that she had passed. She looked so amazing in her pictures, I wanted to share:


Blogger Randi said...

She is the very reason I'm so passionate about the work I do everyday! This just breaks my heart to read this story, she is so beautiful! Being a young mother with one son I so can relate. I was lucky to have fought my cancer before my baby came along but I cannot imagine having to leave him! Thanks for posting this! You are amazing and may she rest in peace! xoxo

April 13, 2010 at 7:04 PM  

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