Thursday, December 16, 2010

Olga gets married!

Bride: Olga
Makeup: Kelly @ Flawless Faces
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Wedding: 11/13/2010
Member Since: 2/22/2010

I learned about Flawless Faces through my best friend who used them for her wedding. I was the MoH for her wedding, this was the first time getting my makeup done. I loved that it stayed on the whole time, tears or no tears. Fast forward 4 years and I hired them for my Engagement session makeup and the pictures were amazing! They knew exactly what to do to make me look beautiful in my pictures. For my wedding I used Kelly, and eventhough I was very happy with their work, I knew what to expect at that point. Well the day of the wedding, I have to say that Kelly exceeded my expectations by far. She got me! She knew exactly right to the very last detail what would look great on me and what I wanted to 'say' with my makeup. She was awesome! I had to send my thank you's to Flawless Faces because I was so greatful for my makeup that day. Even after 10hrs I have to say my make up looked great. I dont know what they do or how they do it, but they sure know what it takes to get that look for the camera!

Message from Olga:


I wanted to thank you for everything.

Our wedding day was awesome and Kelly did such a great job that I had to let you know how happy I was with her work.

She knew exactly how I envisioned my makeup, the pictures came out looking amazing.

This would be the 3rd time I do my makeup with you guys and I have to say, it exceeded my expectations by far!

I’ve attached one, this one was taken 6hrs later and still looked great!



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