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Flawless Faces: The Makeup Studio that Carina Built

By Sheila

On a rainy Friday afternoon a few weeks ago, I made a trip to a lovely little makeup studio nestled on a cozy street in a busy section of Orange County. Owned by a woman named Carina Lindgren, Flawless Faces is known throughout Southern California as one of THE places to get your makeup done for any kind of event.

Carina has gained a stellar reputation based on her talent, and for her signature style, of big eyes, fresh cheeks, and dewy lips. It’s the perfect bridal style and the reason she is recommended so highly time and again by clients and vendors alike.

Carina earned her reputation through hard-work and pure grit. She spent her 20’s learning the craft and earning her stripes by assisting other makeup artists and putting in the time and effort that helped her refine her style and artistic eye.

I first came to know about Carina about three years ago when a dear friend was getting married and would make me privy to her wedding day plans. She showed me around the wedding websites like The Knot , and also told me all about this local makeup artist who was gaining great word-of-mouth around the wedding forums– it was Carina.

Opened in July of 2007, Flawless Faces is the culmination of many years of hard work and dedication on the part of Carina. Besides being a talented makeup artist , Carina has a smart business sense that has allowed Flawless Faces to grow and thrive in the last several years.

A visit to Flawless Faces, which is a pure reflection of Carina’s makeup style , is like a trip into the boudoir of your dreams, decorated with cream, rose pink and chocolate and damask accent points throughout.

In the back of the studio is a zen-like spa with three treatment rooms for three aestheticians.

Based on her love for “Old Hollywood”, no detail is left unattended, with colors and textures and products chosen to live up to the vintage style. Nothing less than a true girlie delight, it is even more impressive when you find out that Carina did all of the decorating herself!

Carina’s story is one of perseverance, determination, willpower, and believing in the law of attraction. A follower of “The Secret”, Carina used the tools to create something truly wonderful that is in constant demand by brides and non-brides alike.

Before opening Flawless Faces, Carina had been working as a makeup artist for several years, while also juggling side jobs. One day, she quit her job without a backup plan and then ran into a friend who was leaving a prime space, and within 2 months had created a masterpiece of a makeup studio with the help of Craigslist, family, and friends.

At the moment, Carina is busy building up Flawless Faces and has assembled a team of makeup artists trained in her style who are available in the event she is not. The studio is open by appointment only, and she books up really fast, so if you’re interested in the Flawless Faces team, give them a call or send an email ASAP!

We’ll have more from Carina in the future, including her favorite products and tips for brides-to-be searching for their own makeup artist.

Carina’s story is inspirational and a true testimony to the fact that dreams do come true. For more information on Carina and Flawless Faces,

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